The 5G technology is in use in only a few countries besides the US, South Korea and the UK.


Of course, while it remains unclear when we will switch to 5G, which can be used in a limited space in these countries, work has already begun for 6G.

Before going into detail, we would like to point out that 6G technology is at the beginning of the road yet and there is nothing that has become clear. In order to explain this better: we should mention that work for 5G technology began in 2008.

Preliminary work for 6G technology has begun!

So 6g technology has a pretty long way to go. China's Ministry of Science and Technology recently laid out the first allegations after preparatory work began. We have to say allegation, because that information is not clear at this time.

According to experts who conducted studies on 6G, an internet connection could be offered 8000 times faster than 5g. So theoretically, with 6G, it is claimed that internet speeds can reach the level of 1 TB / second.

At such a speed it is possible to instantly download dozens of movies in 4K resolution. Aside from the high speeds offered by 5G technology, especially with low latency, many obstacles are overcome with IoT.

The best examples of this are the ability of a doctor to perform remote surgery and the ability of autonomous vehicles to transfer data between each other instantly, which will become an indispensable part of our lives. In this context, we need a long time even to see what will change in our lives with 6G.