About Ukrainian Odessa - "a pearl by the sea",I heard for sure everyone.


But the fact that in the world today there are other cities with this name, will be a discovery for many. It should be noted immediately that there are more than a dozen cities of the same name. In this article we will tell you where Odessa and its namesake are located.

Geographic location of Ukrainian Odessa

Odessa is the administrative center of Odessaregion and is located in the south of the country, on the shore of the Odessa Gulf of the Black Sea. In size it is the third city of Ukraine. It also acts as the country's largest seaport. Its population is about 1 million inhabitants, among whom are Ukrainians, accounting for more than 60%, Russians, Jews and Bulgarians.

The main part of Odessa, which also includesthe historical center of the city, is located on a plain that rises above sea level by about 50 meters. A large area in the city is occupied by beaches, most of which are sandy. The most famous of them are the following:

• "Langeron";

• "Dolphin";

• "Golden shore";

• "Arcadia";

• "Gull";

• "Pleasure".

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Location of the same cities

Imagine that in addition to Ukrainian Odessa inThere are 12 other cities with the same name. 10 of them are in America, 1 in Canada and 1 in Brazil. The largest of these cities is Odessa in the US, in the west of Texas. It is the district center of Hector.

The smallest American Odessa is located inthe state of Delaware. Its population is about 400 people. In the State of Washington is Odessa-Town, which is a town with a population of 1000 people. Odessa-Lake, located in Michigan, is famous for its mild climate, thanks to which fans of "green tourism" come here.

Canadian Odessa in the past was called Mill Creek and its current name was only in 1856. The population of the city is up to 80 thousand inhabitants.

In Brazil, since 1905, there is a city withthe name Nova-Odessa, part of the state of São Paulo. Its population is about 50 thousand inhabitants. The founder of the city is the Minister of Agriculture Carlos Botelho, who gave him the name. According to some versions, the minister liked to travel, and he was conquered by the Black Sea Odessa, which is why he called the Brazilian city exactly like that.